For You, For Me
"For You, For Me" is a ministry of music and movement  (presented by young teens) that chronicles the life of Christ from His baptism by John through His Passion and death.  It is an original work, narrated from the Gospel accounts and set to music with first-person lyrics, which tell the story through the eyes of those who walked with Jesus.
The ministry began in 1981 as a school ministry, and continues today as a spiritual work of mercy, grace & love under the direction of Kay & Leonard Suzelis and the ministry team of Jeannine Spalvieri, Patrick Harnichar,  Mary Ellen Ozanich & Nadia Suzelis.
Although based in Northeast Ohio, the ministry has traveled to West Virginia, Michigan & Canada to share the Passion story.
Performances are scheduled 2-3 weeks before Easter during the Lenten Season.  Each year, a new group of young people prepare their hearts and minds for a unique spiritual journey into the Passion of Christ and a closer relationship with their Lord and Savior.